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Monday 1 July 2019
aula Mazzini, via Balbi 5
Tuesday 2 July 2019
aula Mazzini, via Balbi 5
Wednesday 3 July 2019
aula Rossello, via Balbi 5
Thursday 4 July 2019
aula Rossello, via Balbi 5
Friday 5 July 2019
aula Mazzini, via Balbi 5
09.00 - 11.00

Maria Elena De Maestri - Mario Marchese

Thousands aspects of international cooperation for space activities: an interdisciplinary introduction

 Maurizio Casoni

International Cooperation for Public Protection, Disaster Relief and Risk Reduction

 Silvana Dellepiane - Moira Gerace

Telemedicine services for remote reporting and dissemination technology in Sub-Saharan Africa

Francesco Rispoli

International collaboration: a model for integrated satellite and rail applications

Franco Malerba 

Space: new borders and new yards for law makers

11.00 - 13.00 Silke Bode

International Cooperation and Space Activities: ESA perspective

Mario Sommaruga

International industrial cooperation and the Space Economy

Francesco Amicucci

Dispute settlement within contracts for space activities

14.30 - 16.30

Sergio Marchisio

Recent developments in international cooperation within the space sector

 Marco Pedrazzi

Exploitation of celestial bodies' resources

Giampiero Cama

International cooperation today

Frans Von der Dunk

 European cooperation in space: ESA and the EU

Final conference

International Cooperation within Dispute Settlement Mechanisms: New Trends and Best Practices for Space Law

Chairman: Sergio Maria Carbone


Francesco Amicucci, Chiara Cellerino, Chiara Tuo, Stefano Saluzzo

16.30 - 18.30

 Francesco Munari

EU space competences: new borders for international cooperation

 Carlo Golda

International cooperation as a paramount clause for space law


Nico Dall'Oglio

Stefano Saluzzo

Dispute settlement and international relationships

19.00       GALA DINNER