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 1-A) if/when you land in MILAN LINATE take the bus 73 (Aeroporto -San Babila) for 11 bust stops. At the bus stop VIA CADORE C.So (that mean “corso”, street) VENTIDUE MARZO, take the bus number 60 for other 11 bus stops and you get at the train station (buses run every 12-15 minutes). The whole trip – even if its 8 Km – take, according to the web site of the airport, 55 minutes, but taxis are very expensive. With IC to Imperia, if there are no train changes in Genoa, will take 3 and a half hours and fare tickets are about 20 Euros. Here the link to the national railways website

1-B) if/when you arrive in MILAN MALPENSA take a train to the central station. It takes around 30 minutes; fare tickets depend upon the company you are travelling with.

2) when you are at the train station (you can get there by VOLABUS - ticket is 6 Euro, you can buy it on board), buy a IC (InterCity) ticket to IMPERIA. Here you can check fare rates and time schedules depending on when you get at the train station. If you find no IC or no solution to Imperia at all, take a train to GENOVA PIAZZA PRINCIPE we could arrange someone from our University to come and pick you up so that you can come together at the Campus.



 1) If you land in Nice before 12.00, there is at 12.00 o'clock a bus going to Imperia (arriving time at Imperia at 13.35, price Euros 20,00).

2) If you land in Nice after 12.00, you can get to the Nice Train Station (6 Euro per ticket that can be bought at the box office and has to be validated when you hop on the bus) with the LINE 99 (Every day (except 1st May) :7.53 - 8.18 - 8.48 - 9.18 - 9.48 - 10.18 - 10.48 - 11.18 - 11.53 - 12.23 - 12.48 - 13.18 - 13.48 - 14.23 - 14.53 - 15.18 - 15.53 - 16.23 - 16.48 - 17.18 - 17.48 - 18.18 - 18.48 - 19.18 - 19.48 - 20.23 - 20.53).

When you get in the Train Station you can take a train; eventually you will have to change on the border. Comprehensively the journey to Imperia will take 1 and a half hour.

Once you get to Imperia you can get a bus or a cab to reach your final destination (if you are headed to campus, any bus going to "San Remo" is fine).

The website where you can check your train according to your arrival in Nice is this:



 1) Once you land in Genoa you can take a bus called VOLABUS to the Train Station GENOVA PIAZZA PRINCIPE, which you can reach in circa 20 minutes. You can buy the ticket (Euros 6,00) directly on the bus or at the airport. The stop you are supposed to drop off is the third one (PIAZZA ACQUAVERDE/PRINCIPE FS) where you will see the Train Station. These the running times of the VOLABUS: 06.00 - 06.30 - 07.15 - 08.15 - 09.00 - 10.05 - 10.45 - 11.35 - 12.05 - 12.30 - 13.15 - 13.40 - 14.00 - 14.45 - 15.30 - 16.25 - 17.25 - 18.10 - 18.45 - 19.20 - 19.55 - 20.35 - 21.35 - 22.10 – 23.30.

2) Once you get at the train station you should take an IC (InterCity) to Imperia. Intercity is around 15 Euros and takes around 1 and a half hour; regional trains are around 9 Euros and take from 2 to 3 hours depending on whether its a fast regional train or a sub-urban train (the price won't change). Once you get to Imperia you can get a bus or a cab to reach your final destination (if you are headed to campus, any bus going to "San Remo" is fine).