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The Role of Satellite in the Next Future - Mario Marchese

What could the future of satellite communications hold for us? - Fabio Patrone

Regulatory framework for conducting sustainable space activities - Catherine Doldirina

National space legislation as a tool for economic development of space activities - Frans Von der Dunk


Old constellations, new systems, never-ending regulation - Michele Luglio

Satellite systems in the incoming 5G services: roles, expectations and challenges - Cesare Roseti

Cybersecurity and ATS Systems - PJ Blount

Law & engineering: GALILEO space Unit - Beatriz Pisoni Barba, Ester Martin Dominguez


Earth Observation from Space: Introduction and Selected Applications - Sebastiano B. Serpico

Image Analysis and Machine Learning for Monitoring Climate Change - Gabriele Moser

Using Satellite Data for Studying the Urban Environment - Gabriele Moser

Artificial Intelligence trend in the aerospace sector - Maurizio Mongelli

Some legal considerations regarding the future of space governance - Joanne Gabrynovitz

AI and ESA solar orbiter mission - Michele Piana


Ground Segment Services for Microsatellites - Erika Ermoli, Taylor Dorigatti, Edward Burger

Introduction to CubeSats and their role in current and future space activities - Alessio Fanfani

Scientific missions in the new era: ESA perspective - Ilaria Zilioli

A pragmatical approach to space activities: some critical issues - Carlo Golda


Multiple access techniques for heterogeneous 5G/6G-Satellite Networks - Fulvio Babich

The legal regime of the Lunar Gateway - Marco Pedrazzi

A Legal instrument to protect the PAC: proposals and discussion - Claudio Maccone, Nicolò Antonietti