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Slides Mario Marchese - The role of Cybersecurity in modern societies

Slides Rodolfo Zunino - The role of Data Analytics and Social Networks in Cyber Security

Slides Marco Pedrazzi - Cyber attacks as use of force in international relations: ius ad bellum and ius in bello


Slides Alessio Merlo - Mobile Security: How smart are mobile phones today?

Slides Fabio Patrone - Satellite Communications: Cyber security vulnerabilities and strategies

Slides Frans G. Von der Dunk - The Woomera manual initiative


Slides Ugo Pagallo - Data governance and security issues

Slides Silvio Straneo - Space technologies at Ansaldo Energia Group


Slides Maria-del-Carmen Muñoz-Rodriguez - Cyber space security & Outer space security in the EU: A Spanish approach

Slides Salvatore Sabina - The ERTMS Train position function based on the GNSS technology

Slides Ermete Meda - Information and cyber security overview: Principles, methodologies and international standards


Slides Francesco Amicucci - Contractual guidelines and other recommendations to maximise the legal security of the space activities

Slides Marco Ferrazzani and Ilaria Zilioli - ESA facing Cyber security issues

Slides Tutors - The Manfred Lachs Space Moot Court: an extra-ordinary experience


Workshop articles

Addressing obstacles to cyber-attribution: a model based on state response to cyber attack

Cold war treaties in a New World: the inevitable end of the outer space and Antarctic treaty system

Cybersecurity and anti-satellite capabilities (ASAT): new threats and new legal responses

Space Weapons and the Law

State responsibility and attribution of cyber intrusions after Tallinn 2.0